Sailing area

The Netherlands is a waterland that shows its most beautiful side from the water. This certainly applies to the stretch of North-West Overijssel that also goes by the name the Waterreijk.

The Water Empire

The Waterreijk is a still untouched peat meadow landscape with rare flora and fauna and picturesque towns and villages such as Blokzijl, Vollenhove, Muggenbeet and Giethoorn. And, of course, water. Dozens of kilometres of ditches, canals, lakes and ponds, including ancient waterways over which the whole of the Netherlands can be reached by boat.

The area where you can sail has a rich history and is home to worthwhile villages and towns that you can reach by sloop. Characteristic of the region are the water villages of Giethoorn, Dwarsgracht, Jonen and Muggenbeet. And the historic towns of Blokzijl and Vollenhove. It sometimes seems as if time has stood still here. And with more than 400 kilometres of waterways and beautiful nature, the "Kop van Overijssel" is definitely worth a visit.

Many routes are possible. For example, you can sail from Blokzijl to Zwartsluis for a leisurely lunch and then continue to Vollenhove before finishing in Blokzijl.

If you want to cruise for several days, a visit to Zwolle is also highly recommended.

We will be happy to inform you about all possibilities.